Blackforest Ecstatic Dance Festival 
 27. - 30. June 2024

We are looking forward to getting together for 4 days this summer. 4 days with lots of ecstatic dance. (every morning and every evening)
There will be yoga, a cacao ritual, singing circles, workshops on contact dance, meditation, dance and authentic relating.

This summer we have a new festival location in the middle of the Black Forest. It is a wonderful place with a huge meadow in the middle of a large forest. 

We will also set up a kids space again. Feel very welcome with children.
The food will be fresh and organic. 

Festival Djanes/Djs and Musicians

Dj Pascal de Lacaze

Pascal brought Ecstatic Dance to Germany 13 years ago. Since then he has thrilled the worldwide ecstatic dance scene with his DJ sets and instrumental live performances.

Dj Subtill

Till has been a passionate DJ since his youth and has played in various settings. He has been creating regular Ecstatic Dance events in Freiburg for 10 years. His DJ sets contain different dance qualities and range from natural-meditative to ecstatic-wild.

Djane Lua Luz

Ecstatic Djane, Sacred Dancer, Priestess, Mother, Lover of the Moon, Briging Dimensons, Midwife for a new Paradigm
Lua Luz sets have warm vibes and are very variable. 

Groove Pack

Groove Pack is a 4 piece live ecstatic dance band.
African and South American percussion, cello, clarinet, piano, hang drum, accordion, electro drums
Groove Pack will gently pick you up and take you into wild ecstasy.


Lou Porier

Contact Improviasation

Practitioner of danced and poetic movement. She weaves her research between theater, dance and the art of storytelling.
She is particularly moved by the complexity of our relationships and the creativity that lives in every human being. 
Her practice of Contact Improvisation has nourished this fascination for almost 20 years...
Actress and coach, specialized in movement, lives and works in Freiburg


In this workshop we will explore the basic principles of this dance that incorporates touch, with games in pairs (or more) and some technical and physical elements directly related to this dance practice.

Angela Scheubeck

Voice development and singing circle

I have been involved in bands, music projects and choirs since I was a teenager and have been lucky enough to learn from great voice coaches. I have been leading large and small singing circles for about seven years, also in combination with voice development. As an osteopath and body therapist, I am also researching how breath-music-voice can be effective as "medicine". 


Anyone can sing! What do you need to be able to sing freely and wholeheartedly? I invite you on a journey of discovery! We will experiment with body sound spaces, breath and voice and then move into a singing circle together. 

Oliver Arnold

Authentic encounter

As a coach and trainer, I support people to live authentically and be in relationship, to unfold their potential and to take radical responsibility for themselves and the world. To do this, I use distinctions from Possibility Management, conscious feelings work and many other findings from a lifetime of research and learning.


Description: Authentic encounter is perhaps what your being longs for the most. At the same time, we humans have all kinds of strategies to avoid exactly that, because real closeness and intimacy is also scary. In this workshop we will explore what makes encounters authentic and how you can consciously create them despite and with fear. 

Andrea Roder

 Qi Gong

As a physiotherapist, I quickly became interested in alternative healing methods during my professional career. This is how I ended up with Qi Gong, which I have been practicing since 1992 and have been teaching regularly in my practice for many years. 


These are very simple exercises that you can do straight away without any previous knowledge. 
Qi Gong movements are always practiced in rhythmic harmony with your breathing. 
The gentle, harmonious movements get your Qi, your life energy, flowing. 
The concentrated practice relaxes body, mind and soul. 

Miriam Seifert

Embodied Nature

Miriam studied art education. Since her training in dance, improvisation and performance in Freiburg and Bologna, her interest shifted from drawing to dance and she now works independently in her own performance projects. She is particularly interested in somatic approaches to dance and movement, Instant Composition and Butoh. Since 2023 she is in training to become a somatic movement educator in Body-Mind Centering.


The course takes place in the surrounding nature, which we want to encounter through sensory awareness and dance. By connecting with its qualities, we set our bodies in motion.

Rike Köstlin

Himalayan Kundalini Kriya & Embodied Movement

Rike has been living in the northern Black Forest, her home, for two years. Her work with Yoga, Embodiment, Psycho Neuro Energetics and Breathwork aims at a new flow of life energy and the reconnection with oneself in order to work from this loving and living connection into one's own environment.


With Pranayama and Himalayan Kundalini Kriya, we coax the body and voice out of the reserve and create a space in which we can feel ourselves more finely and perceive energy movements more consciously. I look forward to creating a vibrant and light-filled field with you in which we can experience our inner freedom, strength and gentleness in a new way.

Lena Reichmayr


 Bio: As a body therapist, I support people in their individual healing process.
I found my access to this through yoga, which was constantly inspired and expanded by other body-based elements and inner postures. 
I have often witnessed the potential that yoga has to anchor oneself in oneself again, to find peace and one's own strength, and I am happy to be able to bring this into the world.


Through conscious and mindful movement, close listening and connecting with our breath, we get in touch with ourselves and can come back to ourselves and our center. A mixture of strength and gentleness, tension and relaxation in constant accompaniment to our breath. 

Oliver Arnold

Dancing with your selves

Workshop II :

 We all have different inner parts. A person is not a coherent, uniform self, but rather a whole bus full of different "selves" that often want very different things. Depending on which one is at the wheel, you create - often unconsciously - very different results. Even when dancing. In this workshop, we will playfully explore typical inner parts in dance and the quality of the encounter they create. And how you can consciously invite the kind of contact you want.

Aniketa Hoffmann

Dance your Medicine

 Bio: DJane and transformation facilitator.
Ecstatic Dance I CranioSacral Work I Shamanic Body Knowledge
In this format I combine my knowledge.


You travel to your place of power with a heartfelt prayer, a wish for support, a question, ... while I sound the drum.
The answers you hear, feel, see and taste come to life in your body in the (Ecstatic) Dance.
In this way you take the gold of the journey directly into your life: in your body, in a movement, in your breath, knowledge in your cells.

Luna Viola Schneider

Tai Chi

 Bio: Growing up in a tai chi and karate school, 
my interest in leading a conscious life with lots of exercise. 
As a non-medical practitioner and nurse, I am constantly trying to find out 
what keeps us humans vital. 


In this workshop, I would like to give you an insight into this fine, 
very powerful art of movement, Tai Chi, which teaches me to always 
stay in the flow. 
We will go out into nature, be in stillness, practise Tao exercises 
and walk the beginning of the Tai Chi form.