New Location

It is a wonderful place in the middle of the Black Forest near Furtwangen.
There is a large kitchen and a large sanitary area
We have different sleeping options. 
Especially campsites and lots of bus/motorhome parking spaces.
But there are also houses with shared rooms and space for workshops. 
The dances will be outdoor on the beautiful meadow. 
We will set up some big tents for Workshops and for the holy dance floor.  


Prices for the festival without food but with overnight stay in a tent, bus or shared room

It would be great if you could be there from Thursday for the shared  group process.

Normal price 

Thursday to Sunday - 180 euros
Friday to Sunday - 155

Supporter ticket: 210 euros


Children under 6 years = free
Children 6-9 years = 70
Children 10-18 years = 100


The kitchen team works independently and receives the money for the full catering directly in cash on site. So bring 60 euros in cash if you want to book the fresh organic food.
There will 3 meals a day.